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Notification to get up and move
Do 10 pushups
What exercises you've done
Customize your workout schedule
Get more exercise packs

Move Daily activity reminder for a healthier you

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  • Previously ranked #1 in the App Store Health & Fitness. BOOM!

  • Get reminded every so often to stand up and do a tiny exercise Anything from a yoga pose to pushups

  • Random exercises keep it exciting Over 300 different exercises, with more added every day

  • Or even create your own exercises to be absolutely anything you want

  • Create a healthy habit through occasional reminders

  • Pick when you do workouts and how often From 9am to 6pm with an hour in between each one

  • Take a break Really busy today, skip it…

  • Choose a peaceful reminder sound

  • Turn specific exercises on and off I have burpees turned off :-)

Exercise packs

  • Office  — 80+ coworker-friendly exercises you won't be embarassed to do at work. In fact, no one will know you're even doing them.

  • Beginner  — Never really exercised before? Not a problem. Use this pack to get into the swing of things. Start easy with these 70+ simple exercises.

  • Yoga  — Open up your body and your mind with 50+ simple poses. These poses help you focus, wake up, and warm up your muscles.

  • Stretch  — Use these 30+ stretches to warm up your muscles and keep them young. Great for people who sit in the same position day after day.